Road bikes can be split into three categories: lightweight, aero and endurance.

The best road bikes are made to go fast! If you are gunning to win that next race, get the competitive edge with one of these race machines; they will focus on weight; use shallow wheels, smaller frame tubes and minimal added features in a bid to keep the weight down as well as being fast they will usually climb well too.

When seconds matter, our range of aerodynamic road bikes deliver. Each aero model is developed and tested extensively, in the tunnel and on the road, for advantages against the wind

The best aero will focus on cutting through the wind, usually with deeper wheels and deeper section frame tubes with aerodynamic profiles. However, being a heavier bike it will be a little harder to climb.

Within this race category, some brands merge the two into single bikes designed to blend an optimum balance of both; for example the Specialized Tarmac; both light and aerodynamic; or the Specialized Aethos the lightest bike on the market (non-UCI compliant) which climbs the best!

Choose the longer route. Climb higher mountains. Endurance bikes are made for smooth-riding and long-distance rides on all types of roads.

Buying a road bike can be riddled with jargon and confusion, so here we will unpick everything you need to know to choose a road bike perfectly suited to your riding requirements

Endurance bikes will be slightly taller at the front, usually with a shorter reach to promote a more upright position that is more comfortable to hold for longer durations, enabling you to ride longer distances before your back and neck start to ache. They also have a longer wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheel) with slacker steering angles, which helps to inspire stability and handling confidence.

From here, as your budget increases, so too does the specificity of the bike's design, and this is where race and endurance bikes diverge again into sub-niches. 

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7 products