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Heather Wilson - Fitness is a Destination not a Journey

Fitness is a Journey not a Destination”
Not so long ago Heather was living in Brisbane City. After traveling around the World for over two years, she had settled and found her comfort zone. Not coming from a fit background, exercise was a foreign concept.

Heather tells us she was 10 kilos heavier then. It was a friend who encouraged her to try out triathlon training with a local club.
“I laughed…! Triathlon is for super fit people!”
After gentle persuasion and being given an opportunity she couldn’t turn down, Heather was a regular at swim squad, weekend rides and a weekly running track session. She bought her first bike for just $500! Once she learned to clip into pedals, she joined a beginner’s group ride and was hooked!
“I was so surprised there were a mixed variety of abilities riding bikes and doing triathlon training. Some were very serious of course, but others just for social or basic fitness!”
Like many other women in the group rides, she just wanted to join in, be social and try something new with her spare time. Heather never felt out of place or uncomfortable and at that point didn’t even consider that she should or ever would be fitter, faster or stronger.

Six months later Heather moved to Townsville for her boyfriend Jake. A couple of months on, they drove to Cairns where she would watch him compete in his first Ironman 70.3 Triathlon; a 1.9k swim, 90k ride and a 21.1km half marathon run.
“I definitely thought he was mad! I mean… who would put themselves through that? It sounds horrible!!”
After spending the whole day cheering him on and watching his smile down the finish shute, she decided to set a goal… to train harder.
“Well why not?! When I heard the cut off times for the swim, the ride and the run, I thought, I might actually be able to do that!”
So during the subsequent 12 months before the next Ironman 70.3 in Cairns, the training got a little more ‘serious’. She didn’t do it alone. Mike Prentice saw her excitement and commitment to this challenge and offered to help her out with her running technique. This ‘help’ soon became full time coaching. Mike knew that being motivated was all she needed to be, and he enjoyed the job of bringing her up to speed – literally.
“Running track became my favorite session! Sure it was really hard, but nothing beat the feeling of exceeding my goals and smashing my personal best 1km or 5km each month! That was the ultimate motivation for me.
Jake tried to convince me that I needed a specific Triathlon bike for the Half Ironman and that I would be heaps faster, more efficient and comfortable. I was quite content doing what I was doing and still doubted my ability to be any better! I considered these bikes to be for the Professionals and serious guys who do a race every fortnight!
I consider myself a practical girl, so I test rode one to see what all the fuss was about… Well, that was it – I bought a Specialized Shiv Pro and have never looked back. I couldn’t believe the difference! Heaps lighter, effortless, easier to pedal and I was much more comfortable that I thought I could be. I finally understood why people invested in TT bikes. I actually looked forward to those long weekend training rides on my Shiv!
Whilst at first I thought that I wasn’t good enough to own a bike like this, I knew that I had the right equipment for the job which was going to make this challenge much easier. I was never a competitive person and certainly wasn’t interested in team sports. But once I beat my previous Ironman time by 20 minutes I was hungry for more!”
Having now done 7 half ironman’s and a few local races along the way, I’m absolutely in love with my Specialized Shiv! Riding it is such a pleasure, especially since the guys at Top Brand Cycles did a bike fit to make sure it fits me perfectly! And it sure feels like it!”
Who would have thought that just 3 years after taking up the sport Heather would be competing at the World Championship for Ironman 70.3! What a huge achievement for someone who previously thought that this triathlon thing was too serious for her!
Getting into a new sport and making a big investment can sometimes be a little overwhelming. There is so much information online and everyone around you is happy to offer their advice that it can be too much to take in. Heather tells us she trusted Mike and his team at Top Brand Cycles to guide her along her journey.

So what now? Heather has had many questions asked about what her next race planned is… surely a Full Ironman next? And which one?! Her ‘give it a go’ attitude has recently found her a new adventure.
“Well I tried mountain biking when I first came to Townsville and I didn’t really like it. I guessed it was because the bike I used was very heavy and because I was unfit I spend most of my time walking with it.”
After hearing from so many other ladies in Townsville how much they loved mountain biking she thought she would give it another go. Jake organised a borrowed mountain bike for her to try out. This time she was undeniably spoilt with a friend’s Specialized Epic and was instantly hooked!
“The bike was so much lighter and honestly made everything heaps easier to ride. I still did a bit of walking here and there, but nothing like the last time. I’m so glad I tried it again.”
Heather handed the bike back and it was time to think seriously about owning a moutain bike. She had already experienced the contrast between the first and second mountain bike she rode and she had been down this path before with Jake about the Triathlon bike. This time it took a lot less convincing! Heather agreed as Jake had suggested - you might as well do it properly. Once her Specialized Era Expert arrived, they went to Atherton and Smithfield in Cairns for a weekend of mountain biking.
“I’m really looking forward to seeing what more I can do on the mountain bike especially now it’s easier. I’m making every excuse to get out and ride it whenever there’s a group going. Or even on my own, it’s so much fun! The best part is that Townsville is such a great area for it. The Douglas mountain bike park has heaps of trails to choose from as well. To be able to go to these places and enjoy riding for the fun of it is so refreshing. It’s a nice change to training for a specific event or riding to a particular heart rate. Top Brand do group rides on Saturday afternoon too. We just rode, laughed, occasionally I crashed, and I was the last person to get down the hill but that didn’t matter. It was heaps of fun to explore these beautiful places to ride your bike. And the views are just incredible!
After Ironman 70.3 Triathlon I felt a little lost as I didn’t have anything particular to train for. I quickly realized that I actually just loved riding my bike. Being fit and healthy wasn’t a chore, it was an amazing bonus! Racing is fun, but a lot of people spend so long training for a single event that if things don’t go well they are really disappointed. Enjoy the process, and enjoy your time on the bike. If you want to race then that’s great! It’s just about enjoying your free time and doing what you love. But trust me when I say you will love riding your bike too.” 



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 The new Specialized Levo - the power to go further

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