We have re-vamped our group rides! Please come along and have a go – if you are new to the group please let the group leader know so that they can answer any questions you may have. 


Tuesday – 5am from Top Brand – ride leaders: Mike, Troy, Geoff and Nate

In short this is a 40km flat ride that is fast  - we have two groups – the first group averages 37-42kph and the second group holds a steady 34-38kph. Riders who come on this ride must be experienced bunch riders. Usual route for this ride is down Charters Towers Road, towards Officeworks, left at Officeworks along Woolcock Street and turn left into Bamford Lane, left onto RRR and then right at Nathan Street to go out towards Stuart on University Drive, turn right into Stuart and then left at the bridge to go through Stuart onto Port Access Road for a very fast sprint along Port Access Road with a regroup at the end and an easy spin into town for Coffee.  Note – this group has a reputation of dropping a few people now and then (who are you kidding – a bit more than a few!! Mike) -

Wednesday – Ladies ride – differing ride times for differing abilities  - a social cycling experience that is about friendship, fitness and fun.  These ladies rides are going to inspire you to get out there, discover new experiences and challenges with your friends and have fun along the way - .please refer facebook page every week for what is on offer!  These are no drop rides although please be mindful of the speed group that you put yourself in that you are capable of holding that speed.


Thursday – 5am from Top Brand – rider leaders – Mike, Troy, Ash and Geoff

This is our other fast, flat ride – we have two groups – one group will average 37-42kph and the second group hold a steady 34-38kph. Riders who come on this ride must be experienced bunch riders.  The route for this ride is down Charters Towers towards Officeworks, left at Officeworks along Woolcock Street and continue down to the overpass at Kalynda, through Kalynda and then left onto RRR to regroup.  RRR into the city for coffee, with a hitout at the Chicken Run and regroup at Nathan Street.  This is a drop ride.

Friday – 5.30am – Coffee Roll with Sal –

You have had a hard, busy week so come along and join Sal for an easy 1hour roll from Top Brand down to the Cowboys through Golf Links Drive then back into town along Woolcock Street – coffee at Juliettes at 6.30am.  All welcome.



Saturday – 5.15am – 2.5-3hour ride with Sid, Geoff and Mark

The ride route will change every week – this ride will average around 32-35kph – if you are new to bunch riding please let the group riders know.  Although this is a no drop ride please be mindful that the average speed will be around 34kph.  As this ride is a solid 2.5-3 hours – don’t forget adequate hydration and food!

Top Brand Cycles Townsville does not take any responsibility for any mishaps of any kind that may occur to any person or persons when travelling to, from, or when participating in one of the social rides listed on this section or any other section of this website.  This is simply an informative service and is not designed to endorse or encourage riders to visit the rides listed above.

It is the rider's responsibility to be certain of the legality of any ride or area they ride in, and to take all necessary safety precautions for themselves and others. No responsiblity shall be accepted by Top Brand Cycles Townsville, its volunteers or associates, or by the organisers of these rides.

Please note: Top Brand Cycles Townsville is an advocate of road safety for cyclists and strictly adheres to the road rules at all times.  The law requires cyclists to be visible 50 metres from front and back, therefore cyclists are to supply their own front and rear lights.  In participating in any of these group rides, you are taking part in a potentially dangerous activity which could lead to an accident and/or injury.  If you participate in any of these rides you do so entirely at your own risk.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving ~ Albert Einstein